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Sarah Lopez

Remembering Bill Lopez
Victim of Return to Nature

Matt Soper

State Representative / House of Representatives

Representing the Community of Delta, Colorado

Andres Lopez

Krista Johnsen

Remembering Our Loved One


Standing in Support
in Canon City, Colorado


To help support better memories of my loved one , then the last one and the way he was mishandled

Remembering Jimmy payne
Victim of Return to Nature

Mandi Hines

I think this will definitely help all the families giving them support and a special place to go to visit and talk to their loved ones.

Remembering Ray Hines
Victim of Return to Nature

Keri Wirick Pollakoff

I think that my dad would love the serenity of this place.

Remembering Ernest J. (Skip) Wirick
Victim of Return to Nature

Gary Dobson

Remembering Our Loved One

Linda Martinez

A memorial is like a special place that brings your family closer and helps them remember and honor my Mother who passed away. It's a way to keep her memory alive and create a space where you can gather to share stories, emotions, and love. It's a beautiful tribute that brings comfort and healing to my family during difficult times.

Remembering Anna Martinez
Victim of Return to Nature

Jillian Rehm

Standing in Support
in Canon city, Colorado


Standing in Support
in Canon City, Colorado

Joe L.

Victoria Steed

I stand in support of all the families who have been victimized in these tragedies.

Standing in Support
in Westcliffe, Colorado


Standing in Support
in Florence, Colorado

Luis Acevez Trevino

Standing in Support
in Canon, Colorado

Mike Wall

It is not for me to say what will help those healing from this or anything else. I stand with those victims and what they say they want and need.

Standing in Support
in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Karen johnson

Standing in Support
in Denver, Colorado

Liz Olivas

Standing in Support
in Pueblo, Colorado

Sharon Honeycutt

Remembering Theresa Sallenger
Victim of Return to Nature

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Honoring the victims of Colorado's death industry. 



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