A Place of Respect: Learn about the memorial project that aims to restore dignity to those who suffered due to unregulated practices. 


In the heart of Colorado, a poignant memorial project is taking shape—one that seeks to honor the memory of those who suffered due to unregulated practices within the funeral industry. The **Colorado Remembers** memorial stands as a testament to compassion, justice, and the restoration of dignity for the departed and their families.

The Unregulated Funeral Industry

For years, Colorado’s funeral industry operated without proper oversight, leaving grieving families vulnerable to exploitation. Unscrupulous practices, exorbitant costs, and inadequate services plagued the industry, casting a shadow over the final moments of those who had passed away. Families faced emotional distress, financial burdens, and a lack of transparency during their most vulnerable moments.

The Vision Behind Colorado Remembers

The Colorado Remembers memorial project emerged from a collective desire to address these injustices. Its mission is twofold: to honor the victims who suffered and to advocate for meaningful reform within the funeral industry. Here are key aspects of the project:

  •  Design and Symbolism: The memorial’s design reflects compassion, healing, and remembrance. It incorporates elements such as serene gardens, engraved plaques, and a central monument—a place where families can find solace and connect with others who share their experiences.
  • Community Involvement: Colorado Remembers actively seeks input from affected families, funeral professionals, and community members. Public forums, surveys, and workshops allow stakeholders to contribute their ideas, ensuring that the memorial truly represents the collective voice.
  • Educational Outreach: Beyond its physical presence, the memorial aims to educate the public about funeral industry practices. Workshops, seminars, and informational materials shed light on consumer rights, ethical standards, and the importance of regulation.
  • Advocacy and Reform: Colorado Remembers advocates for legislative changes that protect grieving families. It collaborates with policymakers, legal experts, and industry leaders to push for transparency, affordability, and accountability.

The Journey Toward Healing

As construction progresses, Colorado Remembers becomes more than a physical structure—it becomes a beacon of hope. Families who lost loved ones due to unregulated practices find solace in knowing that their pain has not gone unnoticed. The memorial serves as a place of reflection, where visitors can honor those who suffered and pledge to prevent similar injustices in the future.


Colorado Remembers stands as a testament to resilience, compassion, and the enduring human spirit. It reminds us that even in the face of tragedy, we have the power to restore dignity, advocate for change, and create a legacy that transcends our own lifetimes. As the memorial takes shape, it invites us all to remember, reflect, and work toward a more just and compassionate future.

Note: The Colorado Remembers memorial project is currently in development. For updates and ways to get involved, subscribe to the newsletter.