Job Descriptions and Examples for Board of Directors and Council


#### Board of Directors





Provides leadership to the board.

Presides over board meetings.

Ensures the board fulfills its responsibilities for the governance of the organization.

Acts as a spokesperson for the board.


Examples Related to the Memorial Park:

Oversees the overall progress of the Memorial Park project.

Represents the organization in meetings with county commissioners and other stakeholders.

Coordinates with the executive administrator to ensure project milestones are met.





Assists the Chair in their duties.

Steps in for the Chair when they are unavailable.

Helps ensure board decisions are implemented.


Examples Related to the Memorial Park:

Supports the Chair in overseeing the Memorial Park project.

Assumes leadership during key presentations or meetings if the Chair is absent.

Collaborates with committee representatives on specific project tasks.


**Executive Administrator**



Manages the day-to-day operations of the organization.

Coordinates activities between the board and committees.

Ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

Maintains organizational records.


Examples Related to the Memorial Park:

Organizes and documents meetings regarding the Memorial Park project.

Acts as a liaison between the board and contractors or project managers.

Oversees the administrative aspects of park development, such as permits and documentation.





Manages the financial health of the organization.

Oversees budgeting, accounting, and financial reporting.

Ensures accurate and timely financial information.


Examples Related to the Memorial Park:

Develops and monitors the budget for the Memorial Park project.

Prepares financial reports to track project expenses and funding.

Ensures that donations and grants for the park are properly recorded and utilized.





Assists the Treasurer in their duties.

Steps in for the Treasurer when they are unavailable.

Helps maintain financial records and ensures accuracy.


Examples Related to the Memorial Park:

Supports the Treasurer in managing the financial aspects of the Memorial Park project.

Helps prepare and review financial reports related to the project.

Works on fundraising initiatives to secure additional funding for the park.


#### Council



Represents the various committees within the organization.

Provides input and advice on specific projects and organizational strategies.

Ensures that the views of different stakeholder groups are considered.


Examples Related to the Memorial Park:

Committee representatives might include those from fundraising, event planning, community outreach, and project management.


Fundraising Committee Representative:

Develops strategies to secure funding for the Memorial Park, organizes fundraising events, and liaises with donors.


Event Planning Committee Representative:

Plans and coordinates events related to the Memorial Park, such as the groundbreaking ceremony, public tours, and community engagement activities.


Community Outreach Committee Representative:

Engages with the local community to raise awareness about the Memorial Park, gathers community input, and fosters community support.


Project Management Committee Representative:

Oversees the logistical aspects of the Memorial Park development, ensuring that timelines and budgets are adhered to and coordinating with contractors and vendors.


### Summary of Responsibilities and Project Examples



Provides overall leadership and represents the organization, ensuring the Memorial Park project aligns with the organization's vision.



Assists and steps in for the Chair, ensuring continuity in project oversight.


Executive Administrator: 

Manages daily operations and documentation, acting as the main point of contact for project logistics.



Manages finances, ensuring the project stays within budget and all funds are accounted for.



Assists the Treasurer with financial tasks and supports fundraising efforts.


Council Representatives: 

Provide specialized input and support from their respective committees, ensuring the project benefits from diverse expertise and community engagement.


These roles and their corresponding responsibilities ensure that the Memorial Park project is effectively managed, adequately funded, and well-integrated into the community.